Sustainable & Durable

In a world where fast fashion and cheap production is unfortunately becoming the norm, we believe in using sustainable materials as much as we possibly can.

The fish leather we use for the production of our handbags and accessories has been sourced as a by-product from the food industry (which would otherwise be thrown away). It solely originates from tracked and regulated skins.

All fish skins are sourced from suppliers that maintain international sanitary standards and well-being practices, helping protect the fish, fishermen families and nature itself.

The fish skin tannery skilfully combines a refined aesthetic taste with the utmost respect for the surrounding ecosystem and environment. Skins are tanned organically and metal-free.

The water that runs out of the tannery after treatment goes straight to irrigation without any negative impact on the environment.

Compared with traditionally tanned and dyed leather (which has heavy metals in their formulation) the durability is similar. However, the essential difference is that at the end of its lifecycle, the organically processed leather will reintegrate with nature in a much higher speed than traditional hides and without any contamination of heavy metals. 

Also, the calf leather is a food industry residue.  Tanneries recycle animal hides to transform them into raw material for the manufacture of fashion products.

We have chosen for a traditional and artisanal tannery certified by the European Leather Working Group, guaranteeing the highest standards of sustainability and sourcing.

As a by-product, leather does not consume additional land or resources. Should it not be used in leather goods like ours, leather would become waste posing big environmental threats.

Being conscious that we just began our journey we will keep looking for more opportunities to use sustainable materials in our future collections.

While designing our collection we deliberately chose to create a timeless, classy style. Moreover, our multifunctional and versatile handbag can be used daily and for a variety of occasions.

This is how we want our customers to enjoy their La&Bel for many years...