About Ubrique


La&Bel entrusts its production to a small prestigious workshop in Ubrique, nestled at the bottom of a valley surrounded by the hills of Andalusia, Spain.
Ubrique is also known as the ‘secret supplier’ of to the world's top designers, the town where many of the top fashion brands source their leather goods.
The town's specialization in leather goes back more than 200 years ago, initially with tanning leather. Eventually, this evolved into the precise leather work which the town has become so well known for. Today more than half the town's residents work in the leather trade.
The techniques needed to produce such goods at the top end of the quality scale has been passed down from generation to generation.
Many of the factories refuse to use an assembly line to speed up the manufacturing process and refuse to comprise on time or quality. A good bag needs 'x' amount of hours. You can't cheat your way into it.

Moreover, the fact the products are handmade means each one is subtly different and unique.



The Production of La&Bel Bags

For the production of your La&Bel bag we chose to work with Antonio & Jorge, owners of a small factory In Ubrique. The team of Antonio & Jorge exist out of skilled and dedicated craftsmen (-women), every one of them with a specific expertise: from the pattern maker, the cutter, embossing, assembling or painting,… everyone has his unique contribution in making your La&Bel bag of the highest quality.





 To follow up the production we cooperate with Lucia Ribes, our liaison in Ubrique, and our day-to-day contact. (Especially in times of travel restrictions.) Working with Lucia since 2018 she really became part of the La&Bel team.