About La&Bel

La&Bel [leɪb(ə)l] or pronounced the French way [labɛl], stands for an elegant, fashionable but timeless and high-quality collection of leather handbags and accessories. Each piece has been designed with passion and an eye for detail. Our bags are multi-purpose and flexible to use and can be carried at any place for any occasion. They will be your best partner and give you that extra touch of style and flair making you feel better and putting an instant smile on your face.


Whether you offer or treat yourself with a La&Bel bag, there’s a meaning …

Our signature “the knot”, made from two loops, not only symbolizes the eternal bond or connection between friends, mother-daughter, partners, life companions, loved ones. It also portrays the strength, durability, value, and - ideally - perpetuity of such relationships.

Connections are key in day-to-day life and so are these for our brand, whether it’s part of our signature strap or embossed on the leather.